Saturday, August 28, 2010


This could just have been one of the many special elements of a sci-fi flick or otherwise would you have believed, a gorgeous black dress doubling as a cellphone? Dubious as it may sound, this dress called the M-Dress from CuteCircuit actually has a slot to insert sim card and antenna embodied right within the fabric, so that the person could answer calls [when the dress rings] by just bringing her palms near to the ear without having to carry a bulky cellphone!
The technology at this stage simply can’t replace a cellphone because neither there’s a way to know who’s calling [no display] nor to keep a log of all your contacts but as humans we certainly would look forward to such amazing innovations.

Scubster, the environment friendly submarine

You are presently gazing at the pedal powered submarine, called Scubster. Built by French engineers, this 3.5m underwater vessel is propelled forward by simple pedaling [no harmful emissions involved]. Although the compartment is watertight, one has to have an oxygen cylinder and mask to enjoy the ride.  The man powered craft can speed up to 8km/hr [5mph] with the efficiency directly depending upon the rider. The more you pedal, the faster it is

upon the rider. The more you pedal, the faster it is

Friday, August 20, 2010

Underwater plane from Virgin to explore the ocean

U.K. based Virgin Ltd. has come up with a three-person “aero-submarine” to take you to an underwater ride like you have never seen before. For most people the idea of cruising in the deep ocean at 36,000 feet below the sea-level is like a dream. Ofcourse to enjoy this ride, you need to be super-rich, unless ofcourse you want to spend over $25,000 a week to rent the “hydrobatic” vehicle. Called the Necker Nymph, this sub can “fly” through the water and can even perform flips like a dolphin.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Batumi Aquarium in Georgia

Surprised at the pack of pebbles in place of an aquarium? This is actually what the Batumi Aquariumin Georgia is supposed to look like when built at the Georgian port. The design conceived by Denmark-based Henning Larsen Architects, was selected from a competition. The larger than life pebbles are a representation of the smooth pebbles found near the Batumi beach, reflecting the on-going process of the sea.
Each of the four pebbles would contain marine life from different regions which include the “Aegean Sea & the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Black Sea & the Red Sea“. The four realms would have a central hallway for visitors to sit, enjoy, relax, shop etc. The aquarium in addition to being an attractive experience in understanding and enjoying,  the diverse forms of the aqua world would also open up possibilities  for outdoor marine research and learning.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sikorsky X2: World’s fastest helicopter revealed

The future of helicopters gets better. The Sikorsky X2, although a prototype, is currently the fastest helicopter which just broke the 258 MPH speed barrier. The key to the design is the unique co-axial tri-blade of the X2, which enables the helicopter to travel longer distance at a higher speed. But the objective of the X2 is even more ambitious. The target speed is actually 287.5 mph!
The other innovative technologies incorporated in this high-speed helicopter are:
• Fly-by-wire flight controls
• Counter-rotating rigid rotor blades
• Hub drag reduction
• Active vibration control
• Integrated auxiliary propulsion system
A Westfield LYNX ZBX-500 held the original speed record of 249 MPH since 1986, until now.