Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MIT - Concept City Cars

MIT has developed futuristic concept: an electric two-passenger vehicle called the City Car, which can 'stack' together with other City Cars to form a more socially responsible way of getting around town.
It involves 'stacks' which are placed around a city, receive incoming City Cars, and charge them up again. Then commuters simply hop in the fully charged vehicle at the front of the stack and drive off: The idea is similar to airport luggage trolleys, although they're keen to stress it's not a straight replacement for cars, taxis, buses or trucks.
It's also got Wheel Robots inside...
They fully integrated in-wheel electric motors and suspension systems" which "eliminate the need for traditional drive train configurations like engine blocks, gear boxes, and differentials because they are self-contained, digitally controlled and reconfigurable".
They also allow omni-directional steering too, which should make parking a breeze.
The technology is apparently patent-pending and "under design development" at MIT's Media Lab

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