Saturday, July 10, 2010

Football field sized airships for surveillance

According to the aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman, the U.S. army has ordered the delivery of three Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicles (LEMV),that can carry up to 2,500 pounds payload while cruising along at 92 mph (148 kph) at the same time. Meant to be flying at 20,000 (6,096 meters) above the sea-level these super-large airships are literally longer than a football field. The army believes that the LEMVs will serve as surveillance stations and will assist in watching over battlefields in Afghanistan.
Northrop Grumman has received the $517 million dollar contract and is estimated to deliver all three LEMVs before the end of 2011

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fire Extinguisher lighter

Most smokers cannot live without a cigarette lighter. Although there are several available designs, we definitely found this Fire Extinguisher lighter to be interesting. Although this does look like micro fire extinguisher, make no mistake, this is a fully functional cigarette lighter.
Even the connected hose has its own functionality, “as it nests a little LED to guide your path.
Its a pity, this thing is only available in Japan.
Price? $4.89 (approx.) 

Laser watch

If you think you have seen crazy designs on watches, then think again. Check out the Alessi Invisible Shot Laser watch. Although it’s purpose is to show time, a watch design can hardly be weirder than this. Looks exactly like a bracelet the device features a discreet button, that when pressed reflects laser light on your wrist to show the time. We think if you consider this as a bracelet that shows time, it will probably be more appropriate.
Designer for this Alessi Invisible Shot Laser watch is Andy Kurovets.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi : The World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Want to get swept off your feet? Well the world’s first Ferrari Theme Park, called the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi seems to be formulating the right bundle of excitement, to make it happening. Located on Yas Island, the world’s largest indoor theme park will have “20 Ferrari-inspired attractions including rides, a 4D fantasy adventure, a racing academy, children’s play area, restaurants offering Italian cuisines and various shops.” The venue would also feature the world’s fastest roller coaster with speeds more than 210 km/hr, allowing visitors to experience the feel of riding a Formula One Car.
By now, you might also have been overwhelmed by the roof structure itself. The shape is inspired from the side profile of the classic double curve body of the Ferrari GT which also showcases the largest Ferrari logo. The park is scheduled to be opened to the public on 28th October 2010. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a collaboration project of “Ferrari and Aldar Properties PJSC, Abu Dhabi’s leading property development, management and investment company“.


Terrafugia Transition, finally a ‘flying car’ that receives the FAA approval

Don’t mistake this as just a small airplane. Well, yes it is a plane alright, but is also an automobile like any other. The Terrafugia Transition will soon go into full scale production if you wondering whether this is just a concept. It recently got the approval from Federal Aviation Administration of U.S. Department of Transportation.”The two-seater vehicle uses its front-wheel drive on roads at ordinary highway speeds. But once it arrives at an adequate take off spot, it can extend its wings, take off and glide through the sky at 115 mph.”
The two-seater ‘flying car’ can go up to 460 miles non-stop and can carry up to 450 pounds. To take off it takes at least a third of a mile, so don’t expect to do it in every street available. Retail price is estimated to be around $194,000 a piece. For most multi-millionaires this shouldn’t be an issue, I guess.