Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robot fish for guiding other fishes in distress

We have already come across various robot fishes that are meant to perform definite tasks. Here’s another one which is said to have leadership qualities programmed into it! The sole purpose of such a robot is to guide a shoal of fish to a destination that’s safe for them. So how do the real fishes follow a fake fish?

Scientists at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, headed by Maurizio Porfiri have found out that the tendency of the fishes to accept and follow one of them as a leader is its capability to demonstrate faster tail movement which induces greater acceleration. The faster it is, the more it is competent to gather other fishes around it and lead them.

The research was carried on with common bait fish which move about in groups. The fish robot made of iconic polymers as of now has been developed to move in one plane only.The next step would be to make it dive and surface. If the use of robot fish to lead fishes to safe areas succeeds then there is also a probability of constructing robot birds to lead flocks of birds away from disaster stricken places. To know more on this visit here.

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