Thursday, July 8, 2010

Terrafugia Transition, finally a ‘flying car’ that receives the FAA approval

Don’t mistake this as just a small airplane. Well, yes it is a plane alright, but is also an automobile like any other. The Terrafugia Transition will soon go into full scale production if you wondering whether this is just a concept. It recently got the approval from Federal Aviation Administration of U.S. Department of Transportation.”The two-seater vehicle uses its front-wheel drive on roads at ordinary highway speeds. But once it arrives at an adequate take off spot, it can extend its wings, take off and glide through the sky at 115 mph.”
The two-seater ‘flying car’ can go up to 460 miles non-stop and can carry up to 450 pounds. To take off it takes at least a third of a mile, so don’t expect to do it in every street available. Retail price is estimated to be around $194,000 a piece. For most multi-millionaires this shouldn’t be an issue, I guess.

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