Friday, April 2, 2010

ICON A5 - Ultimate Recreational Lightweight Sports Aircraft

Look forward for a single vehicle to travel through all the 3 means of transport

CON A5 is a facinating creation of ICON Aircraft. ICON A5 is a lightweight sports aircraft. The two-seat, amphib airplane has been designed mainly to be predictable and very easy to fly. The worldclass aerospace design amaze the professional pilots and cutting-edge industrial desing appeals the mass. This is for those people who like to have their own airplane. With the ICON A5, the flying will be so much hasslefree that the pilot will be enjoying more fun at the sky. Even flying of these machines does not require any professional license in Aviation. The pilot only requires to have Sport Pilot Locense (SPL) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and about 20 hours sports pilot training with no strict medical checkup.

This lightwaight aircraft has maximun takeoff weight of 1320 pound. The flight power comes from 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine. The craft can reach a maximum speed of 120 knots or 138 mile per hour. The engine runs on both automotive and aviation gasoline. It can reach maximum altitude of 15000 feet, but as aviation rules by FAA, sports aircrafts cannot fly over 10000 feet.

The cockpit is equipped only with the essential instruments, making much more comfortable and spacious design. As mentioned earlier, it can land on water as well. The wings are fold-able and can be done within 5 minutes manually. But there is also automation option, if you land on water. With the folded wings, the aircraft can be kept at a large garage. The plane is equipped with the latest safety features. This comes with the propeller guard and wing angle of attack indicator. Most of all it is equipped a built-in huge parachute for the entire plane in emergency.

If you are willing to buy a ICON A5, you have to spend just a few thousands dollar. This aircraft is relatively affordable. The estimated cost of this sports plane is $139,000 only. Surely the ICON A5 is the ultimate recreational vehicle in today's economy and sky.

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