Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ziggurat - a future city

Timelinks — the leading ecological company of the project, has chosen Dubai to create a viable city of the future.

The city in the form of a futuristic pyramid can carry out ability to live to one million person, using power of the nature. Ridas Matonis, general director Timelinks, has told: “Community «Ziggurat» completely самоcтоятельно will provide the residing for the account of steam energy, a wind power and natural natural resources of district”.

Timelinks underlines, that the project does not destroy natural ecology of district as the base of buildings reclines all on 10% of a surface of the earth. Public and private agriculture not only will brighten up leisure to many inhabitants, but also will improve appearance of constructions. On all complex 360-degree transport messages will be laid, thus — cars remain not with affairs — in any point of constructions possibility very quickly will reach on foot.

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