Thursday, April 29, 2010

World’s largest complete functional plastic building in Taiwan

You are about to get bewildered because what you are seeing is no doubt a building but one that has been constructed from recycled PET plastic bottles. This three story building in Taipei, Taiwan reuses about 1.5 million discarded bottles accumulated from trash cans. The building which is 130m in length, 40 m in width and 26m in height has walls, made of bottles that have been given a brick like structure with special honeycomb geometry.

The structure of the bottle bricks allows it to be filled with air so that it could act as an insulator in hot summer months.There’s also a provision for filling the bricks with sand or water to let them absorb sunlight for keeping the interior warm, as required in cooler places.The bricks are even strong enough to empower buildings to withstand natural calamities like earthquake or typhoons. For protection against fire the outer part of the building has a fire proof coating while the interior implements the usual safety measures.

In addition to the recycled bottles the building adds on certain other green factors as well.In the morning the rooms would be lit by the entering sunlight while in the evening the building would use energy saving LEDs. This pavilion presently called the EcoARK would be used as an exhibition site for the Taipei International Flora Expo in November.

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