Saturday, May 22, 2010

Amazing rechargeable battery concept that fits all shapes and sizes

Different battery sizes have always been a concern. Although AA batteries are relatively popular, you never know what your next gadget will need. It may require a AAA, C or even a D. No wonder every one on Earth probably wishes if only we had a battery that will fit everywhere…something that will convert itself into AA or AAA or C or D, whenever we need. Well…here’s a cool concept from designers Pyeong Joo Goh, Jong Seung Choi and Ji Soo Hong, that seems to resolve the problem.

The battery will be made from MemoryForm, so it can be squeezed into any of the required shape & size and fit into the product. It is appropriately named, AtoD, to show the fact that it can work as any of the four types i.e. AA, AAA, C or D. Inside, it will be powered by 1.5 Volts of Nickel Hydroxide, so recharging will never be an issue either.

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