Thursday, May 6, 2010

The World’s Largest Basket

You might have already come across a picture of this unique building. Well if not, then you are by now surprised to see this Basket Building! Situated in Newark,Ohio, this basket shaped building is actually the Longaberger [basket-maker] corporate headquarters.The design of the gigantic basket is in fact an imitation of the Longaberger’s ‘medium market basket’ style. The building stands seven-stories tall, has 84 windows and scale wise is “160 times longer, wider and taller than the medium market basket”.

Dave Longaberger is said to be the mind behind this creation who dreamt of handling his company from a replica of one of its products itself. The World’s Largest Basket that houses 500 employees started its operation on 9th December 1997. For more details you might like to visit

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