Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Robot specializing in handling household chores

So what’s this cute looking bot up to? Looks like it is filling the cup with water or else could it be washing it? Do not mistake it for a scene from a sci-fi movie; it is truly a Dishbot. Startling as it may sound but this HRP-2 humanoid bot is real and has been developed to take care of the cleaning process that involves dish washing starting right from the table itself!

The robot is able to act with technology which involves human motion capture and video game simulations. The researchers from University of Tokyo’s Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory have employed the aforementioned techniques so that the robot is able to distinguish the different flatware and wash them accordingly. They are also in the process of making use of 3D sensors for the bots so that the robot can smoothly move in the house. As you may have already noticed, the robotic palms that involve contact with water have been taken care of with special waterproof gloves. With the looks of the pictures below it seems that this robot is quite capable of handling numerous other domestic chores.

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