Sunday, May 23, 2010

World’s largest airship finally surfaces

The Hindenburg disaster took place in May 6, 1937, after which people completely lost their confidence on airships. But what you see here is yet another attempt of a helium-based airship,albeit based on a much modern technology. The airship called Bullet 580, measures 235ft in length and 65ft in diameter. It can easily lift 2,000lbs and take it up to 20,000ft in the air. With its sheer size and mass, the Bullet 580 is also the world’s largest inflatable craft.

Developed by E-Green Technologies, the airship can take you ‘places’ for sightseeing and provide you with some breath taking experience. Overall manufacturing cost for the airship stands at $8.125 million and it was inflated at the Garret Coliseum in Montgomery, Alabama.

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