Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brainwave Heating Device, microwave of the future

Care for another desktop appliance? Called the Brainwave, it is actually a desktop microwave oven which can warm up your packaged food without having you to leave the desk. You just open up the packaged food, insert it, [there's a little scanning part] and the rest is done by the device in the picture.

To make the experience more user friendly the ‘Brainwave’ meal has been designed to come with a fork that has a Radio Frequency Identification tag attached to it. There’s a scanner with the machine through which the fork is swiped just like an electronic card, so that the information about the particular meal [heat setting and time] is automatically recognized by the microwave.So it makes heating your food that easy.”The microwave is powered through a C8 port connected to the mains and controlled through a computer application connected via USB.This Brainwave Desktop Microwave has been designed by London based designer Steve Gates.

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