Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rain Drum umbrella is as amusing as it sounds

You may have come across various umbrella designs, but this one really sets a new benchmark. Check out the Rain Drum umbrella. As you can predict, this umbrella literally makes sound of drums when rain drops fall on it. Consisting of tom, snare, crash, hi-hat and bass, this umbrella covers all the important drum parts. To make the sounds possible, it consists of five different sized wax-cloth made ’shades’, with different elasticities. And depending on the elasticity and size of the ’shades’, the frequency of sound emitted differs accordingly.

Of course you cannot rule out the fact that the person standing closest to you may not enjoy the sounds as much as you do, nonetheless this is a new idea, and will find its place especially in the teenage crowd. The Rain Drum umbrella is the brain child of designer Dong Min Park.

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